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Robotics For Kids

edurobo combines LEGO® robotics, Java coding, and lots of imagination to provide a unique STEM learning experience for kids (ages 8-14) in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our Robotics Labs, kids journey through an extensive, project­-based curriculum, earning bands of accomplishment with each promotion. All Labs are led by trained Mentors with a passion for education and a deep sense of play and fun. We operate year-round through Summer Camps, After School programs, and Birthday Parties. Girls and boys, alike, find edurobo instantly engaging, social, and fun!

BUILD. Start with LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then throw in an ever­expanding supply of advanced robotic sensors, unique building materials, and crafts. The engineering possibilities are endless. And, kids are solving problems, not assembling kits.

CODE. Kids code their robots in Java, one of the world's most popular and powerful programming languages. Not only can robots do more advanced things with Java, kids are learning a highly transferable skill.

PLAY. It's all about fun. Kids engage in product design, compete in tech challenges, play team games, and dive into open-ended creativity, all while making new friends. Project videos are captured and uploaded to our private Wonderwall where you can share them with family and friends.


edurobo after school Robotics Labs ensure kids of all abilities can be challenged and successful while advancing their powers of innovation. Each season, kids attend the Lab once a week, for 90 minutes at a time.

You can find our labs in over 40 participating schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our Summer Robotics Labs are a great way for girls and boys to try out robotics, design, and programming for the first time, or to build on skills already developed. Compared to our After School Labs, summer is more of the same: more time, more space, more projects, more materials, and more kids to hang with!

We offer half-day, full-day and extended care camp options. And, week to week, campers are always doing something new.

In Summer 2018, you can find our camps in Burlingame, Cupertino, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Sunnyvale, and Union City.

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Throw an exciting edurobo party for your child's next birthday! edurobo will come to your home and bring a full cart of equipment to provide 90 minutes of hands-on robotics fun.

Our parties are appropriate for kids ages 7 years and up.

Robotics Curriculum: The Path To Mastery

edurobo is completely hands-on and project-based, where kids work at their own pace. Our Inventor Mentors provide a small amount of direction at the beginning, then provide just-in-time instruction to introduce skills, ideas, and techniques as kids are ready. Within a framework, kids are empowered to choose what they work on and how they work on it. Kids earn Wizbands as they progress through edurobo levels of competence. The Path to Mastery is a journey, not a race. We track where kids are throughout the year, and kids can pick up where they left off from season to season and year to year.

Brand new to robotics and has just joined our Robotics Lab.
Productive in the Lab after being introduced to the basic equipment, ideas, and ways of working.
Can build fundamental structures, incorporate core sensors, and successfully program working robots.
Focuses on more sophisticated mechanisms, and new subject areas are introduced.
Fully independent in lab, capable of bringing a project from conception through iteration to completion
Has a consistent track record of Experimental, Persistent, Imaginative, and Collaborative performance in the lab.
Emphasizes programming and advanced mechanisms to build more intelligent and capable robots.
Has developed fluency in all subject areas and has a track record of applying this knowledge in creative and inventive ways to challenging projects.

Knowledge Nuggets are bite-sized chunks of knowledge, skill, and experience within various subject areas essential to creating a well-rounded Imagineer in the modern world. They are designed to be taught on-demand as kids are ready to use them. Different Knowledge Nuggets are found at the different levels in the Path to Mastery, and students complete projects that demonstrate their use.

The synthesis of imagination and engineering. An Imagineer is one who brings ideas to reality.
The path to controlling machines. It is helpful in almost every aspect of 21st century work and many aspects of 21st century play.
Parts in motion. We teach kids core mechanisms, used widely in engineering, so they can expand their toolbox as Imagineers.
Organization of parts. We provide a huge range of equipment that allows really big and diverse structures to be made, and made to move.

The Path to Mastery is different for everyone, but it has a common structure and a carefully thought out sequence of milestones that must be achieved to progress to each new level. Advancement is based on Lab time, completed projects, and earning WizChips in the Lab for EPIC behavior.

Levels are waypoints in the Path To Mastery. Leveling up is a big deal, and we award our own special Wizbands for each level accomplished.
Every project is a new creation. It can be an off-the-wall contraption, a technical challenge, or a part of a multi-robot team game.
We emphasize Experimental, Persistent, Imaginative, and Collaborative qualities for our young Imagineers, and celebrate these qualities as they are demonstrated.
Every Lab builds experience. We track accrued Lab time, hour by hour, for all our summer camps and after school programs.

Robotics Coming To Life: Wonderwall

As students complete projects, we take videos and post them to a private webpage - our Wonderwall. You are automatically notified whenever a new video is available for your student. Thus, at home, you and your child can view the fruits of their labor and even share the videos with family and friends.