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Qnap homes folder

Create backup task from Thecus Data Guard / Remote backup / RSYNC backup task. i just couldn't access them. . Qfile Browse, manage and share files stored on your QNAP device with iOS® or Android mobile devices. You must set the mapping for each user on every Windows client manually. Data Storage. Q23: Can not claim Plex Media Server. This guide assumes that the user has But anyway, even if BTRFS is “clever” it does not mean that if you have a folder named video that you should consider using compression. Step 1 – Create a new Share. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. i now realize that i can remove a couple of the above folders by disabling them in Shared folders missing on QNAP NAS drive I have a TS-219P+ NAS drive with two 2 TB hard drives in RAID mirroring mode. QNAP’s QTS operating system shines in many areas, but there’s one feature that stands out as a glaring omission- there’s no easy way to automatically delete files by scheduling automated clean-up tasks. Glad to help. Many Thanks for your help When you start MinimWatch, what colour is the icon? Are you running MinimWatch on a PC or Mac? เมื่อคุณเริ่มต้นใช้งาน QNAP NAS ระบบจะมีการสร้างโฟลเดอร์มาสองประเภทครับ ประเภทแรกคือ User home folder ซึ่งเทียบได้กับ User folder ของระบบปฏิบัติการ Windows หรือ macOS Qnap NAS drives are popular NAS cloud drive for home and company users to back up or store important files and media such as photos, videos, music files, and documents. All the home folders are located in the shared folder "Homes", which can only be accessed by  Sep 12, 2017 The Public and Web default folders can not be deleted as they are required for Click the Home Folder button on the right side of the window. Click OK. Qnap uses the busybox implementation of chown which treats the dot as the separator between user and group so it thinks the user is joe and the group is doe. Mar 14, 2017 Personally, I share entire drives, then select the folders to back up using the No SSL (assuming only local access from your home network), or leave it QNAP. Challenge • Difficulty to access to the NAS • Dynamic IP address Using rsync to keep folders in sync on a Synology Diskstation NAS Posted on Wednesday 7 September 2016 Monday 16 January 2017 By Mark Wilson Now I have backups working between my Synology Diskstation NAS and a storage account in Microsoft Azure (with over half a TB of photos so far backed up in the cloud), the next stage is to consolidate some QNAP ProFTPD Testing - User Home Directories. i then could not access the config page for the nas, so i had to use the reset button and start over. I just copied this over with cp -R but on the new machine this folder is greyed out in Finder, and I can't navigate into it. key file in the admin home folder and navigated to that. Sadly, unless claimed, PMS will only respond to pure HTTP calls, I have a QNAP TS412 with the ARM processor and have downloaded the files to the public folder and downloaded and activated the JRE on the QNAP. It also provides instructions on basic operations and troubleshooting information. The following works fine for me (TS-212). If at any point you would like to restore these folders, you can simply select “Restore Default Shared Folders” from the “Shared Folders” menu. Installing a certificate on QNAP TS-420 Posted: August 6, I placed the private-key. Building your own aside, the QNAP TS-451 is a great starter NAS for homes with multiple devices. Hi All, Our customer wants to create a "folder" template, with all subfolder structures so, when creating a new folder he can re-use this structure (these folder will be a custom content types, with a managed metadata column). THE SOLUTION, WHICH IS VERY SIMPLE, is to just add a period to the beginning of the folder name or file name. Guest Access Right: Read/Write 9. I have an "HP-i7 files" share folder because I named it, had I not it would if just been renamed to "home" or "home1" by the software? Thanks again for your help, truly appreciate it. Also if you download winscp software and login Qnap, you can reach all of your data under “Share” Folder. Step 1. qnap. Qnap & File Permissions (Can Not Resolve Using 'normal' Methods) Sign in to follow this . Click the Home Folder button on the right side of the window. Click Advanced Settings > Shared Folders and map a QNAP folder to /root/. Check whether Advance Permission is on or off from QTS UI. Normal unsecured FTP uses ports 20 and 21 to transfer data, and it just zips along almost without effort. But sometimes, unexpected accidents like accidental file deletion, disk formatting or corruption, system crash, etc might happen and get your data erased, damaged or inaccessible. Kann mir jemand den Auszug seiner smb. conf in Bezug auf den "home" Share zur Verfügung stellen, damit ich das abgleichen kann? Sep 20, 2016 Download Plex from the App Center on the QNAP and run it. In terminal, I can access it fine as my user (no sudo) and the permissions are: Can't seem to fix this in the webinterface of QNAP. It’s possible to install NodeJS onto QNAP NAS via AppCenter — there are even two apps (qpkg) (at the time of November 2016): node. Among these, Synology stands out for its rich functionality, useful features, flexibility and ease of use. For starters, the customizability of folder and sync options rivals any other service I use, and the link sharing options are better than any of the free services and just as good as paid Installation process is done completely through the cloud. i have recently purchased a QNAP TS809U-RP. Home; Submit a Ticket; Knowledgebase; Troubleshooter Login. 3. Select Connect, the drive letter Windows assigns the mapped home folder to, and enter the path to the home folder into the To field. When users mount the share they are unable to access any other files or folders in homes only the Dropbox folder. There presently (as of August 2010 on the QNAP TS-219P) is no way to modify settings like this in the web admin UI. 1 Administration [ edit | edit source ] Under the covers, the QNAP is a Linux box, so if you want to reset someones password, you can just use the passwd command as usual. Paired with Backblaze B2, an affordable S3 storage, this makes a perfect combination for setting up an online backup solution. That’s it, your TS-420 is ready to go! App Center - A Whole New Experience The App Center centralizes various apps developed by QNAP and third-party January 12th, 2019 Backing up a QNAP NAS With restic to Backblaze B2. This guide provides information on the QNAP TS-x28A NAS and step-by-step instructions on installing the hardware. The mobility solution extends with new mobile apps of Qfile and Qmanager to provide easier Turbo NAS operations and management. You can aggregate the shared folders on Microsoft network as a portal folder on the NAS and let the NAS users access the folders through your NAS. com, follow the guide to complete the system set-up and download the utilities you want. Thomas We have a Windows 2008 R2 file server sharing home folders for about 600 users. Once you've opened Hybrid Backup Sync, you'll want to go to  Nov 26, 2013 Advanced folder permissions is a feature of QNAP NAS provided for you to configure the access control of users and user groups to the folders  May 3, 2018 Windows does not support dynamically-generated user home folders provided by the Samba [homes] section. Administrators can also configure the backup frequency and other options  Without user home folders, it takes IT administrators a long time to create personal folders for each individual user, one by one, on the Turbo NAS. If you used this way to provide  Oct 23, 2014 My goal is to sync user home folders (just the Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders) across these devices. Remember me. Step 2. Users can access their home folder through Microsoft networking,  Sep 12, 2017 Home directories can also be deleted after disabling home user folders. Qnap & File Permissions (Can Not Resolve Using 'normal' Methods You can assign them to their own folder, create a duplicate automatically for editing (so the original stock footage is safe), put them in a shared (by protected) folder, create an ISCSI volume so the media is visible as an available drive to supported client software, create a network drive that can be seen and added by client devices and more. The V3. 我upload file 去 home 果陣佢會有個homes 既file 照抄番我backup既野我想問佢係咪會佔2次容量? qnap file station home vs homes folder. here are the steps i have taken thus far: 1) created a new share on the QNAP via the QNAP web utility. I’ve recently set up a QNAP NAS system (TS-212-P) at home and even syncing within my local network is incredibly slow when using QSync client on my mac (Yosemite). I've got a QNAP TS-110 which I access via NFS from my Ubuntu system. QNAP emailed me a fix that required a factory reset and a few other parts that just seemed scary despite the promise I wouldn't loose data! Please find the image of folder permssion in windows explorer. How to change user ID on a QNAP NAS? Ask Question I could fix all files and folder at Backing up files to and from Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices is best done using a reliable backup software tool on a task schedule, so that it runs automatically at set intervals. Simply visit the set-up portal, start. So, every domain user can connect to the shared folder, but then, each user can access only 1 sub-folder by setting the permission on the file system. ) Unlink folder in WebGUI of your NAS. Can't reach Qnap NAS from Windows 7. the share is xServeData 2) created a folder called "Home" in the xServeData - this is where i want all the home folders to reside I believe the reason for this is that the qnap "home" folder is a default share qnap makes with the intention of creating home folders for users. Give this backup software a try and you’ll find it is perfect for QNAP, Buffalo, Drobo, and Synology NAS devices. NAS for Home - Easily enrich home entertainment and content sharing. Creating home directory `/home/testuser' Copying files from `/etc/skel' Enter new UNIX password: Retype new UNIX password: passwd: . Those who log on as a simple User will see only their own Home folder. Minim watch seems to see the NAS ok but will not recognise the path. I set the correct permissions and owner on the shareroot and select "Apply and replace all existing permissions of this folder, files, and subfolders". Go to “ Privilege Settings ” “ Shared Folders ” “ Create ” “ Shared Folder “. since Sonar doesn’t display my computer but only QNAP folders: The local folder is a QNAP folder, it needs to be something QNAP can access, if J:\ on your computer is on the QNAP, it’s easy, just pick the local path, if not you’d need to mount it to a local folder on the QNAP. After saving the file onto the QNAP NAS, you would then be able to access this file anywhere you want, and either download it to your local workstation, or edit on the spot. </p> Re: Win10 & QNAP NAS aren't cooperating In reply to Carey Brown • Oct 19, 2017 Any time you have three or more “levels” in a UNC path you’re including navigation into a folder as part of your drive mapping. If not, you can do the procedure only for local users. ) Add the exact same folder again using the share function on one of your clients who has access to that share. My share goes directly to Dropbox. Enabling home folders creates a personal folder for each local and domain user on the NAS. Steps to recover deleted files from qnap nas drive. Qnap Ts-412 NAS Lost shares - fixed!! so my NAS lost all its shares over night somehow the data was still there according to the hdd sizes reported back. Manually setting up folders in Syncthing with the GTK GUI is pretty straightforward. 2. Uncheck “Enable home folder for all users” You may then go back to the Shared Folders menu and remove the homes folder. ) Move folder on your NAS. pm2 folder in the root. In “homes” permission, Team Folder Receiver has to be added to owner’s home folder. 2 – Qnap will automaticly login as admin, and as you remember, I give “Deny Access” even to admin, and I cant see My Secrets folder. . 04 and accidentally deleted a folder using Shift+Del. My qnap model is a ts109 pro 2 and has the latest firmware and also all the files and folders that were in the original qnap folders ie qmultimedia and qdownloads are still there. This folder will then be RoonOnNAS let’s you install Roon Server by Roon Labs on your ASUSTOR, QNAP or Synology NAS device. Your NAS must be joined in Active Directory to work for domain user. Select to create a private shared folder for each user or not. ittaster 97,745 views. It’s the easiest way to move files over the internet. For folders with mixed data like “homes” (which is the shared folder for all user home directory) you might have wished Synology would have activated the compression. All the home folders are located in the shared folder "Homes", which can only be accessed by   Sep 12, 2017 The Public and Web default folders can not be deleted as they are required for Click the Home Folder button on the right side of the window. QNAP FTP. FTP is the grand daddy of file transfer methods. Then in Computer, you should see qnap drive shown as a drive letter (for example, E: ). This simple change could be made via a command line, but could also be made via the "File Station" app within the QNAP NAS web interface. In theory, you should be able to append the Intermediate and Root certificates to the end of this file and it should work, but it doesn’t on the QNAP. Introduction . Edit access permission c. 7 firmware enhances features for advanced business applications with complete Windows ACL support and user home folders. 1 Answer 1. 4 in AppCenter (it’s good enough). Then Press Web File Manager icon up right of the screen. copied my yaml files to the homeassistant folder I created outside the docker,  May 26, 2014 With a few simple tricks: combine QNAP shared folders in one share, for in php is not working as both of them reach their “root/home”  Method 1: Connect to the shared folders of the NAS by using QNAP Qfinder Pro. You may need to fiddle in the LAN Manager Authentication  Nov 30, 2016 It's possible to install NodeJS onto QNAP NAS via AppCenter — there . If this is a first install, and after the install, you click on the Plex icon in the QNAP App-Center, in order to open the Plex Media Sever (PMS) page, you will fail due to the fact, that it tries to access PMS using the secure HTTPS protocol. Please apply your certificate on your QNAP NAS by running the SSL certificate wizard in myQNAPcloud. I know it is rather simple but is "home" just a default name when the share folder name is not specified. This shared folder will let you modify the Homebridge config files without dealing ssh'ing into the docker container. That’s it, your TS-221 is ready to go! App Center - A Whole New Experience The App Center centralizes various apps developed by QNAP and third-party If you save something in that folder it will get synced across all other devices that have that folder installed on their machines. I suspect the folder you want to delete was user created as a shared folder. This post was originally published on November 5th, 2017. Can't Access QNAP NAS Files in Directories Recently bought a QNAP NAS TS-219P+ to have a cental store for all my files. That’s it, your TS-420 is ready to go! App Center - A Whole New Experience The App Center centralizes various apps developed by QNAP and third-party Network Attached Storage (NAS) for home and business, Synology is dedicated to providing DiskStation NAS that offers RAID storage, storage for virtualization, backup, NVR, and mobile app support. Over the last several weeks, we’ve taken a good look at a couple of network attached storage (NAS Remote access your files stored on QNAP NAS 1. </p> HOW TO SETUP RSYNC SERVER ON QNAP 8. The quota setting can be exported only when the quota function is enabled in "Privilege Settings" > "Quota". Overview: The TAS-268 is an all-in-1 network storage center for file storage, backup, remote access and multimedia playback. 1. Software like Photo Station for QNAP NAS systems makes it easy to take a huge collection of photos and mix and match them into multiple albums for different audiences. A quick step-by-step tutorial on how to create shared folders on the QNAP NAS. Thus, if you do modify it, your changes will be lost when the NAS restarts. Then check that you've set the security correctly on the share and the folder itself. Audience This document is intended for consumers and storage administrators. Installation process is done completely through the cloud. It is suggested to turn it off first. Shared Home folders on file server listed as “My Documents” they all show up in Explorer as "My Documents", instead of the actual folder name (set to match There are numerous vendors of NAS including Synology, Western Digital, Netgear, QNAP, Buffalo, Seagate and many others. The log files are stored in the Logs folder in the RoonServer and RAATServer directory. Docker; Infrastructure; Easy, fast and end-to-end encrypted backup of a QNAP NAS stored in the cloud at a fair price? QNAP offers several NAS products equipped with Intel's Atom D510. js apps in QNAP AppCenter At first I found this post on how to install the recent version of NodeJS onto NAS , but I was sure that it’s obsolete as now we have v4. QNAP NAS firmware evolves to give you a better Turbo NAS experience. The advantage of this approach is that all the action takes place directly on the NAS and does not impact on client computer CPU or network resources (simply put it is generally the fastest option for copy,move and delete of any content already on the NAS ). Select the shared folder, then click the Delete button, After the above operation, view within File Station, or Windows network location, etc. Ask Question If this is the reason you should read in the log of the QNAP that your IP has been put in the black list for 24h I've just migrated from an old MBP to a new one. +"Qsync Failed To Inıtialize Problem & How To Restore Homes Folder" Document fixed; QNAP Turbo NAS provides numerous functions for privilege setup, including shared folder access control, user home folders, Windows ACL, Windows AD and   Method 1: Connect to the shared folders of the NAS by using QNAP Qfinder Pro. The different products in the TSx59 Pro-series differ mainly when it comes to the number of supported drives you can connect and I've been using Ubuntu 12. If you want to create a special folder, open QNAP's File Station, and make a new folder (I created one named "Homebridge". Folder Name b. Using a terminal session SSH / PUTTY to move and copy files on QNAP NAS. QNAP provides you with multiple mobile apps to access & manage your QNAP devices wherever you are with the myQNAPcloud CloudLink service. Press the Edit Shared Folder Permissions button next to the desired entry and select NFS host access from the /share/homes/user/path QNAP has done an excellent job in bringing the functionality on par with the big players and the best part is that it is included free with your QNAP device. Simply just don’t do it. The BIN file is exported from a QNAP NAS. Alongside these facts, you generally have lower noise and lower power consumption when compared to likewise QNAP models, making them a great NAS for homes and small offices. Click the Home Folder button  Nov 16, 2015 Choose the homes folder from each side and click “Add” for this task. It is very easy and beneficial to combine QNAP X86 System NAS and Home Assistant. The first step is to make sure you’ve got Photo Station installed on your QNAP. Open up your QNAP Control Panel, Privilege Settings - Shared Folders. Remote Access the files stored on your QNAP NAS 2. Around 700 GB of disc space is used, accross 5 or 6 shared folders - all set up using the QNAP web administration and accessed via the Samba sharing by three Windows 7 PCs. Loading Unsubscribe from QNAPTV? Configuring User Home Folders - Windows 2008 R2 - Duration: 8:44. Select to create a private shard folder for each user or not. Not only is the QNAP TS-451 NAS aimed at home, small, and even medium-sized offices, it can be beneficial for personal users who either work with digital media (photographers, video editors, musicians) or just for homes with lots of digital media. Go to “Share Folders -> Create a new share folder” Create a new share folder, and select “show path manually” option. Preferably Owner or RW access. You may try below steps to check or fix it. There's a little bit of setup which involves selecting source folders for media from  May 9, 2017 If you want to go the home server route, you can build it around for a network attached storage device from the likes of QNAP or Synology. I can also use PuTTY from it to the QNAP if I need a command line [The QNAP comes with several default shared folders: Download, Multimedia, Public, Recordings, Web, homes. active oldest votes. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Users. Folder structure are -- Root Folder ------First Sub Folder ---------Second Sub Folder I have configured full permission to a user for the second sub folder and read only access for Root Folder and First Sub Folder . You can manage folder permissions from Microsoft Windows or the web-based management interface of the NAS without complicated procedure. I had a folder Transmachina in the root in which I keep a large SVN working copy. Now you should see all of your Share folders. QNAP Folder Permission Issue. Typically, NAS devices are controlled using static web pages, making them clunky to setup and use. But, when I try and access the files within the directories, it appears that if I try and access a directory that contains a large number of files/directories, Windows Explorer reports that you might not have permissions to 1. What can you do is use the UID with chown in this case. Sync will probably re-index the Folder but it won't re-sync all data. Home users can use DLNA-compatible devices to stream video and audio files stored on the TS-451. Integrating Home Assistant into your QNAP X86 System NAS Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3 and Raspberry Pi. So for example, if I have username bob. In essence, with SSH, you make a “shell” connection to your QNAP (call it “DOS prompt” if you will). Access your database storage location with your computer (or use QNAP’s File Station). Using Windows Using a Synology NAS is a very smooth and user-friendly experience, with most of the hard decisions or technical details happening in the background. Create a new folder. Just compete this process to make folders reachabla again. 0 1/2 16 Oct 2017 How Thecus RSYNC backup to QNAP Concept: A. These folders are mapped to a shared drive for each user when they log in on their own workstations, and that mapped drive is in turn set as the default location in the Documents library in windows on everyone's profile, including the default profile on each of our The TS-451+-2G-US QNAP 4-Bay Next Gen Personal Cloud NAS provides an uncompromising high-performance scalable storage solution as an easy-to-use yet powerful NAS for data backup, file synchronization and sharing, remote access and multimedia applications. I suggest you uncheck the 'Media Folder' option because leaving it checked is likely to cause the QNAP firmware to do frequent automatic scans of the folder for new media files (not useful if your server is MinimServer). a. Cheers. Followers 5. QTS GUI make it incredibly easy to manage your NAS, use its rich home  Jul 12, 2019 Qnap NAS drives are popular NAS cloud drive for home and company right- click the files in the @Recycle folder and select "RECOVER". while checking the permission through QNAP web UI ,it is showing read+write access and preview shows Read Only. B. (This is not officially supported by qnap, but it seems to be working). When you're logged on as an administrator, you'll see all your users' homes in the Homes folder, in addition to your own. It really should be able to access every folder or file on the NAS. You don’t need a seperate machine as a core anymore, if your NAS meets the hardware requirement. I made some of the folders in the qnap root hidden such as download home homes multimedia public qsync (no option to hide this) recordings i left usb alone web. When I look with WinSCP, nothing has changed! To execute shell commands on a QNAP, you’ll need to access the QNAP through SSH (see this guide). By default, on QNAP, Dropbox is placed at /homes/admin/Dropbox. A oneliner to accomplish that would be: Select which folder you’d like to go to and when connected to your server, you can then save your file onto the NAS. This should be a new shared folder. After applying (which takes forever), the problem is still there. Extending Linux Photographic Workflow with a QNAP NAS. Enable Home Folders to create a personal folder to each local and domain user on the NAS. The QNAP config looks at this file by default. The Qsync client also every so often stops responding where I have to kill the process and start again. Setting up QNAP to accept ssh connection from different users This is a pain to do, and I always seem to forget one switch to turn on 1 file to set up 1 permission to The QNAP 1-Bay Personal Cloud NAS with DLNA, mobile apps and AirPlay support TS-128 is a lightweight, easy to use and feature-rich networked storage center for Centralize backup, restoration and synchronization. To use this function, follow the steps below: Now go to Application Servers -> Web file Manager and Enable web file Manager and press “Apply” . The issue is that the user complaint that he doesn't have a write access to the folder. My users are set up as LDAP  Mar 26, 2017 Can anybody please, help me to install HA on QNAP TVS- 671. Method 1: Connect to the shared folders of the NAS by using QNAP Qfinder Pro. 2. Secondly, sshd_config is one of the files which the NAS overwrites from a saved copy each time it starts up. Editing text files on a QNAP can be done with one of the text editors, my favorite is “nano”. Any one face this issue, is this a QNAP bug or we need to do any other configuration. Please find the image of folder permssion in windows explorer. I create the NAS packages in my spare time as a fun and educational project. up vote 1 down vote accepted. i want to move all my network home folders to it. homebridge. Enable RSYNC service from QNAP NAS. It's fine to create a folder named Music. Connect qnap drive to computer. Qnap Qsync Problems & How To Fix. Powered by an ARM v7 dual-core processor with 2GB RAM, the compact TAS-268 delivers quiet and energy-saving operation as a home NAS, and serves as a personal cloud storage as well as media center for entertainment. Up to 10 folders can be linked to a portal folder. As such the GPO and the qnap both created a username folder. To use nano, with an SSH shell: nano Right-click the account you want to assign a home folder to, and select Properties; Navigate to the Profile tab. In this article I am going to walkthrough how I have setup the online backup for my QNAP NAS TS-451 using the Container station. Does anyone have any idea how to recover the folder? data-recovery. It’s not just arranging a single photo album anymore, either. Complete the field “ Folder Name ” (I used “AllShares”) and optionally the field “ Description ” (I entered “Share with Symbolic Links to the other shares”, QNP120 - Setup User Permission on QNAP NAS QNAPTV. On your QNAP, go to the web-interface and open “ Control Panel “. Select “Apply and replace all existing permissions of this folder, files and subfolders”. cd /share/homes/admin. It contains information including username, password, quota, and user group. It's important as pm2 creates its home folder as . Lost password Knowledgebase (31) NAS - deutsch (259) NAS - English (2) Surveillance (2) NMP A new ransomware strain written in Go and dubbed eCh0raix by the Anomali Threat Research Team is being used in the wild to infect and encrypt documents on consumer and enterprise QNAP Network What folders do you see when you click 'Add Folder'? On my QNAP TS-119 the dialog looks like in the attached picture. Qnap nas data recvoery software can recover not only deleted files and folders, but also formatted files after qnap nas drive. File/Folder name cannot exceed 253 characters in length. ] I created a shared folder named CrashPlan on the QNAP server, and a mount point on the Ubuntu client named /mnt/QNAP-CrashPlan. 4 thoughts on “Backup Tips Using a Synology NAS The QNAP uses an operating system called QTS (based on Linux and GPL) QTS 4. Advanced folder permissions is a feature of QNAP NAS provided for you to configure the access control of users and user groups to the folders and subfolders. QNAP Turbo NAS provides numerous functions for privilege setup, including shared folder access control, user home folders, Windows ACL, Windows AD and LDAP directory services, and RADIUS Server, maximizing the benefits of centralized account management and authentication for network access. Now go to Application Servers -> Web file Manager and Enable web file Manager and press “Apply” . Is /share/MD0_DATA/ one of the folders on it? Because as Dane22 wrote, Plex runs as admin (== root) and got super powers on the NAS. Meet restic an open-source backup software with a great concept that many people trust. The Workaround : Create a new file in the same folder for the Intermediate certificate and the Root certificate ( I called mine intermediate Installation process is done completely through the cloud. Now, the user  Jan 8, 2019 How to retain files and restore the default shared folder paths after If you want to use home/multimedia features, you must disable it or all the  How To Create First Share Folder, How to Create User And Give Permissions 1 – Login Qnap and go to Access Right Managment -> Share Folders . It is the folders i created that have gone walkabouts and are not showing. qnap homes folder

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