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Anybody have them available? custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. The slightly round contour of the forearm allows the firearm to be comfortably shot off-hand, from shooting bags, or with a bipod. 350 Mid Mid Medium Gunsmithing - How to Reshape a Rifle Stock Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA - Duration: 7:07. ) twist. Took barreled action out of stock just to clean and look things over before putting away for end of season and want to do this right. 3 HARDWOOD ONLY At Boyds we use only top-grade hardwoods, because a hardwood stock performs! Every stock is dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability, then sealed with chemical-resistant finishes for long-lasting durability and performance in all weather conditions. 6. Action screw torque Stock bolt torque between 10 to 12 foot pounds (120 to 144 inch pounds) is the recomended stock bolt torque on your SKB. Listed on the right we have a diagram of the distributor rotation, cylinder order, and firing order. 4. I don't have a wood stock. I torque mine to 45 In. I'm thinking they go with 35 for wood, and figure it will work with any material. Complicated? Maybe… but Wood Performance has a unique simple solution: Belt drives on the external gears and helical gears on the inside. Torque Settings for Wooden Stocks. Screws must be tuned, like the strings of a guitar. These special KNIGHT PROWLER STREET Cams feature Short Duration, High-Lift specs that are a trade mark of Bob Wood. 4 cm. MAG 17WSM SS/LAM THBHL HVBBL Boyds Pro Varmint Rifle Stock Savage 10 Short Action Blind Magazine 4. , another group and 25 in. Screw torque is dependent on the composition of the "Bottom metal". The wood shafts can be purchased for $175, and the hybrid shafts retail for $80. I'm going to take the gun to the range next week and make sure it's still zeroed and everything is working fine. Literally. The maximum torque that should be used on wooden stocked Remington 700 rifles is 15-inch per pound. . « Last Edit: September 04, 2011, 05:42:03 PM by noneck180 » Stockmakers will have their recommended torque, if your rifle is properly bedded, torque shouldn't really matter, you just want it torqued enough to hold it in place. I would run 45 in/bs up front and 50 on the rear. Centerfire w/ laminate stock remington 700 Action Screw torque? Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Bigeclipse, Jul 31, 2014. The values are stated in Inch pounds. I don't want to start at some point (20?) and work up until the accuracy peaks and starts to diminish, as this will consume quite a bit of ammo and also result in a sore shoulder. The interaction between the steel, aluminum, fiberglass or wood are all different and require different torque specs. Screws for wood stocks have a torque specification of 35 inch pounds. /lbs. What Are The Torque Specs For The Diana 48 Stock Screws?, Air guns, Airgun Forum When you use a screw to attach a wood stock to a metal gun (the norm) the wood My owner's manual says 35 in-lb. but doesn't specify what stock they are referring to. All groups had big vertical stringing until I got to 55"#. It is nicely equipped from the factory for my skill level. TRIGGER. Place the hex bit in the screw you are tightening and hold the torque driver only by the grey handle. This torque value is listed in my SKB owners manual, it is the same for SKB, Beretta and Ruger Red Label shotguns to name a few. Note I said inch pounds, not foot pounds. Just curious. MAG with a factory laminate thumbhole stock, directly from the factory. Anybody have any idea what the torque specs are for the stock screws on a wood stocked Model 7 CDL? The front screw is quite a bit larger than the screw behind the trigger guard. Plastic-35 in/lbs Aluminum- 45 in/lbs Steel- 65 in/lbs ^^^Straight from Remington Stock material will make a difference as well such as non pillared wood or plastic- you have a degree of compressibility on those and getting accurate torques can be difficult. Stock Torque Values. Historically, when rifles were equipped with wood stocks, as the wood expanded and contracted with changes in humidity and temperature, the point of impact and accuracy of the rifle was effected. Torque and zen. Wanting to know torque specs for my Rem. Many shooters want to be able to torque the action screws on their rifles. But with a capital B: there is so many variables that trying to determine what is the cause of a bad shooting rifle might be quite exaustive $ financialy: - Checking headspace: if bad headspace correctly and re-index for sights. 308 Short Action Bull barrel. Centerfire w/ synthetic stock - 30-35 inch pounds. If the material is compressible, the torque value has to reflect the amount of compression needed or wanted. First is, the torque is applied to a non-compressible material. Bell and Carlson is a leader in synthetic stock design, technology and manufacturer of the highest quality fiberglass, aramid and graphite gun stocks available. We have more info about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. 8-4. 1. What is an proper torque setting for action bolts in a non pillar bedded high end stock, ie. stocks can be found in the price lits, the SAUER firmly tightening the assembly screws. These come from a lot of different sources (including manufacturers on the phone), but one great one is Brownell’s “Torque Specifications for Gunsmiths” Article. The correct assembly procedure is: Tighten the rear trigger guard screw first to 30 inch It is a list of the recommended screw torque settings for most rifle parts, like action screw torque. The screw can crush the wood if greater. This stock is a traditional hunting stock and is very similar in design and shape to a standard wood stock. I've tried guessing 35 in lbs and the groups were not pretty. I recently purchased a torque screwdriver and want to use it to torque the receiver screws before re-sighting after installing a new scope. even though in every case we are talking about action screws. The important thing is getting back to the same setting whenever you pull the action out of the stock. Ergonomic, lightweight synthetic stock designed for quick, easy handling blends a classic look with modern forend contouring and grip serrations. The foam was light weight to keep the weight of the stock within reason and  Technical Specifications. 1° Does anyone know what the torque specs are on the action bolts for a . 308 for months now and borrowed a friend's Seekonk torque wrench. 1 cm. For many who are searching for Remington 700 Wood Stock Torque Specs review. It is listed on the Lipsey’s site as the following: SVBMAGTHHB17WSM B. Do any one know how much i should torque the 2 screws at the bottom of the stock when i change to a new stock? Howa . 9 . Torque can be given in Nm, foot pounds or inch pounds. MidwayUSA 256,387 views. The "Knight Prowler" Cams are designed by Wood Performance Carburetors, and are custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. Please note, however, that you should tighten the rear screw first and then the front screw. Maybe some of the other gun companies list specs, but I've never found any for my rifles. If yours is a Fibermark or an Accumark stock, the torque specification is 55 inch pounds. Easy safe secure online shopping. (aprox "good, and snug" using the short end of an Allen wrench for the handle) Yes some barrels fit snug in the alum receiver. I set the two stock screws to 30 inch pounds and my groups closed up. 5. For this purpose, you’ll need a torque wrench, since the applied torque must be both precise and uniform. lbs. The action and chassis/stock are more often than not seperate articles (with a few exceptions). A lubricated bolt requires less torque to attain the same clamping force as a non-lubricated bolt. Knowing the tightening specifications for a screw joint the obvious question  Screwdriver torque setting. is to offer the end user Browning, Wood or synthetic stocks, 40 in/lb, 40 in/lb, Snug. On the other hand the 25-06 with the same stock is just the opposite. In this article, Stan explains how to adjust the action-screw tension on a three-screw Savage target action to achieve the best accuracy. the screw joint – 40% of the torque to overcome the friction in the thread and 50% . The action is all that's left of the original rifle. I started out at 25 Inch Pounds and shooting 3 shot groups. This is a discussion on Torque Specs On action Screws within the Ruger Bolt Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; What are the torque specs on the action screws on the M77? I have the FAT Wrench from Midway. I don't know that anyone lists a "correct" torque spec. Ruger 10/22 - Suggested Torque for attaching Stock to Barrel? - posted in The Rimfire Forum: Hello: I have a Ruger 10/22 T in stainless. for the composite is the best. There are three primary areas which require consistent meaured torque. If you try to torque down the action into the stock, you will deform this metal plate and compress the soft wood measurably. ) twist for all models except the M28/30 which is a 1 in 10" (25. BOLT STOP RELEASE . I haven't been able to find any information on how many inch-lbs I should set on the device. In 2018, Manners All-Employee team won the prestigious King Of 2 Miles Match. Torque specs for nuts and bolts suppose several things. 223, free-floated barrel, glass-bedded action. The bigger the screws eg action screws, more torque is needed than small screws eg scope ring screws 3. suitable for self-drilling screws, sheet metal screws and wood. wilwood, wildwood, willwood, bill wood, disc brakes, disk brakes, big brakes, bbk, brake conversion kit, bolt-on brake kits, calipers, carbon ceramic rotors, brake 11 Apr 2013 Accustock models - 40 inch pounds (including wedge screw). ( Back to Top) How to Tell a Briggs From A Murray 3. Wood Performance Harley-Davidson Camshafts. (From Pyramid Air Not to mention the wood stock would get ruined. This is a recipe for making a rifle that reacts badly to changes of temperature and humidity, and must be avoided. Listed below are some of the most important torque specifications and torque sequences that are helpful to anyone building a small block Chevy. Main features wood surfaces. --- changing the torque on the stock screws even with a 100% correctly bedded stock can change your zero and can impact accuracy. Please do not torque them in Ft/lbs, as you will snap them off, or strip them out. The amount of torque required differs between stocks ie wood, synthetic, laminated rather than rifle manufacturers. of torque on the screws. 3°, 4. I like to tighten the screws a little at a time and make sure the recoil lug is back against the stock mating surface, then tighten both screws to torque specs. If not bedded I would hesitate to torque the rear screw as tight or tighter. Wood stock - 45 in. , and other group. 308). Wood stocks require between 40-45 inch pounds 5. receiver with the mating surface in the stock. Tuning Savage Actions Using Action Screw Torque Settings. 30-30 vs 308 vs 30-06 - Cinder Block Test - Duration: 8:04. New Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup (up to 36% thinner) and a larger sweet spot for greater distance and forgiveness. in house on our dyno with the Wood Performance The application of measured torque is important because the correct mating of surfaces in a firearm can have noticeable effects on accuracy. If you have a birch wood stock and 1 x 28 threaded guard screws, you would splinter the stock long before you have reached the “correct” preload for that fastener. Mine is synthetic as I In 2016, pro shooters still trusted a Manners Composite Stock more than twice as much as any other brand, with about 1/3 of shooters using a Manners stock. Fits: Remington 700 long action right hand BDL with standard sporter/hunting barrel contour. Also, as you set the torque, I believe you should have the rifle vertical at the "loose screw position", so as you tighten the screws (bolts), the action's recoil lug is set against the stock area for firm recoil control. I want to check the bolts but don't have the torque specs handy. 21 May 2016 That difference was due to the slop in the wooden stock which had been roughly inlet for Recommendations for action screw torque settings. The Wood Performance camshafts are designed by Bob Wood of NHRA Funny Car fame and are custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. This is a discussion on Stock Torque Values within the SPS Tactical forums, part of the Model 700's category; What you guys think? I am finding that 55 in lbs. If yours is a Fibermark® or an Accumark® stock, the torque specification is 55 inch pounds. Yes the wood will compress whether you do it by hand or torque wrench. Items 1 - 60 of 361 00) FREE shipping USA and CA, See our full line of PTO wood chippers in stock. You should tighten the rear screw first (I tighten both screws firm then torque the rear, then the front to specs). The question is: to what spec? I've read that 35 in-lbs is a good setting. Why would we want to experiment with the action screw torque? Well how tight the action is held in the stock can effect barrel vibrations. browning stock bolt how tight, how much torque for the stock of a shot gun, how much torque for the stock of a shotgun, how to fis stripped stock bolt on beretta 391, skb stock splitting, stock bolt torque for 686 beretta, torque on synthetic shotgun stock bolt, torque presser used on stock bolt for beretta 686 shotgun I would not use locktite as there is no way to heat the area without damaging the stock when you need to remove it. What is the torque spec for my action screws? Savage Moderator April 11, 2013 20:13 Centerfire w/ wood stock - 30-35 inch pounds. 700 SA with aluminum pillar bedded laminated stock. STOCK SHAFTS AND GRIP Torque: 4. Stan pate did an article with his savage model 12, 3 action screws, I believe they just have pillars, not fully devcon bedded. Soft rubber buttpad is crafted for maximum recoil reduction. Then 4 shots went into a . 9 . Pillar bedding helps ensure accuracy as conditions change. That said, I did some web searching and found some references to Bell & Carlson recommending 50 in-lb for the EW models and I use that for my M70 EW SS. 28. For rifle stock screws in a wood or  22 Mar 2013 Scope Rings/Mount to Base Screw Torque Setting Stock Action Screw Torque Setting. Centerfire w/ laminate stock Without pillars, any overtightening will compress the wood. Torque Specs On action Screws. Recommended fixes are to re-torque the bolts but I'm having trouble finding a table of torque specs. This guide shares golf club shaft information straight from the Titleist Research & Development team and allows you to search for shafts by name, filter shafts by weight or launch/spin characteristics, view specs, and compare shaft specs side-by-side. The correct assembly procedure is: Tighten the rear trigger guard screw first to 30 inch pounds. The solution was simple - just chisel/grind/sand off all the glass until the bottom of the receiver makes firm contact with the stock and after tightening the action screws to the correct torque the entire barrel is free floated. Large screws that hold the stock to the action. This is the nature of a wood stock, even if you torque at a certain force this force will change ( with out you touching the screws) as condition of the wood changes it could swell or shrink with changing humidity and temperature thus changing the pressure on the action. I snug the screws down a little at a time while twisting, and centering slack till they are ready for the final torque. For a standard wood stock rifle without bedding, I understand the action screw torque should not exceed 25 inch pounds. While specs vary, if you can put a cartridge under the extractor claw with minimal effort and it will stay in place if the bolt or . , mcmillan, manners, hs precision? 2. This is more than enough torque to hold securely the action in place but not so much that the wood is cracked or otherwise damaged. The wood shafts are offered in 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams with flexes ranging from ladies flex to X-flex. Size Recommended Torque; Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8 18-8 S/S Bronze Brass; Coarse Fine Coarse Fine Coarse Fine Coarse Fine Coarse Fine Coarse Fine #4*-----5. They've never had any problems. These are the finest production wood stocks we have ever carried for the Remington M700™! In a world where many are going black-rifle synthetic, Stocky's is delighted to continue to bring you some of the finest production wood stocks in the world. When I refer to torque specs for the gunsmith, fundamentally what we are talking If you have a birch wood stock and 1 x 28 threaded guard screws, you would  PICTURE 5. The Hogue OverMolded® rifle stock comes assembled in a wood stock will need to have the pillar flipped to For best accuracy potential, torque the front and. g. In this instance, we are not applying torque in order to resist shear. I use a torque wrench and torque the take down screw, and v-block screws to 20 in-lbs. It may flex the action a little and give you accuracy fits. One of the purposes of good bedding is to hold the action firmly and squarely in the stock. Mod 70 short action 6XC. Some of the current factory wood stocks such as the Ruger Hawkeye are made of excellent wood which is factory CNC inletted with a design that can easily exceed this torque setting, but in general terms I go no higher that that which will either bind the action or crush the stock. , shoot a five-shot group, go to 20 in. Remington 700 Wood Stock Torque Specs On Sale . Wooden stocks are the most easily damaged. For wood and synthetic stocks this is the final torque value that should be used. This article originally appeared in the SAVAGE ACCURACY Blog. This applies to clean and and dry parts. I want recommend that you check always the purchase price To get a cheap price or large amount. Hi hope this thread is in the right place. This can be accomplished with 20-25 in. what is the proper torque in a v block, type stock, like AI AW, AI AE, manners mini chassis, etc? Center fire calibers Golf Shaft Fitting with Titleist. Verify that the lock and flat washers are in the correct sequence then torque the bolt to 150" lbs if it is an 8 mm bolt Hope this Helps; Chuck _____ Performance Cams. Fuel Moto carries camshafts produced by Wood Performance, S&S Cycle, Cycle-Rama and Andrews Products for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. What is the proper torque for action bolts in same stock that is pillar bedded? 3. Does my stock require special torque procedures when tightening the screws attaching the stock to the action on my Weatherby rifle? Screws for wood stocks have a torque specification of 35 inch pounds. As that article explains, these specs are subject to change as companies What is the torque spec for my action screws? Savage Moderator April 11, 2013 20:13 Centerfire w/ wood stock - 30-35 inch pounds. Wood, fiberglass or synthetic stock without bedding pillars - 40 inch-lbs Wood, figerblass or synthetic stock with bedding pillars - up to 65 inch-lbs Hard-use service-type rifles in synthetic stocks with pillars - up to 65 inch-lbs Current specifications for law enforcement & military rifles are 65 inch-lbs on each of the guard screws. I'm guessing Sako might know a thing or two about the torque of the action screws on a rifle they build, I'm just saying. and torque from idle to redline on stock or mildly modified motors. My plan is to pillar bed the rifle with total metal against metal and letting the entire action and barrel float within the wooden stock. H-S Precision stock with bedding block and bedded with Devcon. They yield Very High torque and horsepower numbers, not matched by any other cams at this time. Stan Pate is the Captain of Savage’s National Championship F-TR Team. First a little history: Many years ago when wood stocks ruled the world there was that the more they shot the rifle, the more the amount of torque would decrease. I have not used a torque wrench to determine how tight to lock down the stock bolt, I have just tightened it to moderate pressure (e. It has not been officially announced by Savage, but a search of online firearm wholesalers has revealed that Savage is finally releasing a new Savage B. 2. the clamping force is provided by tightening the screw to a . My torque wrench has both NM and SAE settings, do the conversion and your good to go. I have two of the commonly reported issues with the 2013 ATS: oil seep from three bolts on the timing chain cover and a slight flutter noise around 30-40mph. A few years ago and replaced the walnut stock with a Remington synthetic stock. Wood and unknown plastics are variables the specifier of the values can't know unless he has them in front of him. The Charger stock is a replacement for the popular 10/22® Charger Pistol. Have never torqued up stocks before and just wondering what you have done with your Boyd's I've got the Savage 12BVSS with the laminated stock and found some information, somewhere, that said to torque to 25-35 in lbs. Prevent damage to the stock ( you will crush a wood stock that doesn't have metal pillars if you go to 65 inch pounds) Return to original zero if I have to remove the stock for some reason. Always tighten the rear screw first to a torque of 35 inch pounds, followed by a torque of 35 inch pounds to the front screw. how many of you torque your rifle stock to specific inch-pounds to find the best accuracy? And what tool (make and model) torque wrench are you using? I've been fine tuning my new . I recently acquired a torque wrench and plan on re-torquing the action screws in my M70. Suggested Maximum Torque Values for Screws and Bolts. I was going to use 40 in/lbs, for my action screws, does anyone know the actual specs on torque settings? synthetic and wood. In 2017, 3 of the top 5 shooters for the season performed with a MCS stock. TRIGGER GUARD. Hey cheetah. Synthetic and Wood stock, 30-35 in/lb, 30-35 in/lb, Snug. May need to re-zero after torquing them back, just ensure you keep the same spec each time if you can. I actually start at 15 in. The rifle's action on the other hand makes direct contact with the stock. SPRING 2012 SHAFT OPTIONS AldilA® RiP® Phenom 60 Stock R11 S dRiveR Flex Weight Torque Tip Size Trajectory Tip Profile Swing Tempo X 75g 2. At the time I just put the stock mounting screws snug but didn't check the torque on them. For this review, I tested both the wood shaft and the hybrid shaft. This stock features a traditional pistol grip and full length aluminum bedding block. Golf Digest Hot List - Only Fairway Wood in the 2015 Golf Digest Hot List to receive 5 out of 5 Stars for Performance! Built for outrageous speed from everywhere. 3 cm. . Tighten the trigger guard screws to the proper torque and in the proper sequence as follows. starting with the front screw. The rifle started as a . 3. Not good for accuracy. Torque I recently acquired a torque wrench and plan on re-torquing the action screws in my M70. For rifle stock screws in a wood or fibreglass stock use 40lb or up to 50lb for bedded stocks with synthetic materials (aluminium requires less torque). ). It is plain and simple, if you have a stock set up that torquing the screws makes a difference, well then you have a bedding problem. Wood Performance to re-evaluate the entire noise issue with twin cam engines, not to mention the huge problem with slightly bent or out-of-round twin-cam crankshafts. 208 group. following torque specifications: Front screw - 55 to 60 inch pounds, Middle screw   How tightly should I torque the stock screws on my rifle. 875" stock the 25lb setting or 30lb torque for scope bases. This stock has an ambidextrous grip that utilizes a slight palm swell for maximum grip and control. The rifle is a BDL in . Have never torqued up stocks before and just wondering what you have done with your Boyd's Action (or stock) Screw Spec. When placing an action back in the stock always just snug it up and bump the butt on the floor to help it find the best/original position and then torque to 1/2 the value and then to the final original setting. STOCK. A laminated stock will take more torque than a "normal" wood stock but I'm still careful. The Cat 259D Compact . 2-4. New stock, barrel, and Timney trigger. You can’t just screw in the action to the stock on a precision rifle. The length of pull (trigger to butt) for all models is 13 1/2" (34. I know some would say 50 and 55, but I never had to (shooting a . Centerfire w/ wood stock  13 Sep 2017 For example, you need 15lb-20lb for scope screws, so use the 25lb setting or 30lb torque for scope bases. A well bedded stock is an essential part of an accurate rifle. 1 °, 4. - To much free bore: take out free bore and re-check headspace. ENHANCED ACCURACY 1928-1931 Ford Model A Specifications & Identification Page If it has wood parts, it is a 60C. I firmly seat the screw, but I am not torquing down on it with everything I have as I do not want to strip the screw or bolt or cause damage to the stock). Stock density and lengths vary slightly and laminated stocks tend to be shorter than hardwood stocks. I torque my wood stock Remington 700's at 35 in lbs as per their specs. There are a couple shooters I know with H-S stocks who go to 55 in-lbs. Then each time you take it out of the stock, re torque at the same torque it should repeat. Unstable wood stock: seal surfaces with proper finish. I know many guys who torque their action screws to somewhere between 40-50 In/lbs. Before I had my bedded stock on my 45 cal I had an unbedded laminate stock on my 50. The torque applied on the action screws is crucial to determine accuracy and point of impact consistency. 243 and I subsequently rebarreled it to 6BR. 275" Screw Spacing Heavy Barrel Channel Laminated Wood Black Textured Stock screw torque on D34?, getting the most out of your gun is more important than following factory specs. I go with 65 (and that's in-lbs!) with my H-S Precision stocks, but your stock may not work well with that. The inevitable shrinkage of even well matured wood over the best part of a century may mean that if you tighten the screws up to a plausible torque you are, in fact, not just squeezing the wood but also bending the stock. The paperwork included with my Wheeler Engineering FAT torque wrench recommends up to 65 inch-lbs for wood, fiberglass, or synthetic stock with bedding pillars. Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 - Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Review the specs. Guys, I have Anschutz 54 that has been beded in it's factory stock, and I am Starting at 15" pounds to your best torque settings, how much does the high torque on the screws without compressing and disturbing the wood. Rifling is 4 groove, right hand, 1 in 9 1/2" (24. SureFit® Hosel provides 16 independent loft and lie settings to optimize consistent center-face contact, . 7:07. The wood shaft was a 70 gram stiff, and the hybrid shaft was a 90 gram stiff. While at it check to make sure the screws have clearance in the stock holes and aren't taking some of the recoil which can split the stock. A wood stock for instance is not going to mate to a steel receiver under force the same way as a fiberglass stock or an aluminum chassis. This is a discussion on Action (or stock) Screw Spec within the SPS Tactical forums, part of the Model 700's category; I have a Rem 700 SPS Tactical in 308. 3. I torque to 35 and there are no problems. wood stock torque specs

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